Tone House



TH Young Recruits & Teen Team Training

Designed specifically for the young athlete, this fun and team-oriented program consists of 60 minutes of movement-based training focused on athletic development and improvement of strength, speed, endurance and technical skills, such as footwork and form.

Whether for the young elite athlete looking to develop skills that translate directly to the field or court, or for the youth that simply wants to train like the elite athletes they admire, the benefits of this program remain consistent and significant:

  • Improved cardiovascular and muscular endurance, strength, and power
  • Increased speed, velocity, core strength, agility, and reactivity
  • Better balance, coordination, and motor control
  • Lean muscle definition
  • Injury-prevention
  • Emphasis on instilling team values, work ethic and leadership

TH Young Recruits programs are offered during weekday afternoons and weekends. We also create customized team training programs. Please inquire below.