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We believe that in order to reach your peak performance on the Turf, you need to fuel your body properly. Training like an Athlete requires endurance, agility, strength, speed, flexibility, and the proper fuel to rebuild, maintain, and increase lean muscle mass. This is why we have our own in-House Sports Dietitian, Ryan Turner, RD, CSSD of Food is Fuel NYC, available to offer everything from personalized fueling strategies, accountability, educational information, challenge groups, body composition analyses and more to help Athletes incorporate proper nutrition into their lifestyle. 

Our RD can help you understand how your body metabolizes certain foods, debunk common dieting misconceptions, and create a fueling strategy tailored to you and your specific goals. Take your training to the next level and schedule a complimentary consult to discuss the approach that works best for your goals. 




Complimentary Discovery Call ($0)

Your first stop on your Nutrition journey is here. All Tone House athletes may schedule a complimentary phone assessment with our in House Registered Dietitian to briefly discuss your current eating habits and fitness goals, and we’ll determine if you’d be a good fit for Nutrition services. Schedule your complimentary call here. 


InBody Body Composition Scan ($75) 

If you’re new to the Turf or planning to adjust your training, start by understanding your body composition so you can truly measure your results. The InBody 570 scan offers an advanced analysis of your body composition, including fat, muscle, and total body water. This in person, 45 second scan provides you with a detailed summary of your body composition broken down by different areas with the ability to track progress over time. For a detailed explanation and breakdown of your scan, contact Ryan Turner, RD, CSSD directly.

Book your first Inbody assessment here.



A one time consult (virtual or in-person) with Ryan Turner, RD, CSSD, on your individual nutrition goals. You’ll discuss current food choices and personalized recommendations for  your fitness goals. Learn about setting macro goals, supplement recommendations, and receive lifestyle and meal planning guidance. This is the perfect entry point for anyone wanting to make healthy changes to their nutrition habits, whether you’re just starting out or in need of a reset. Inbody assessment included.



Experience the power of ReeVue® by KORR, the cutting-edge technology that measures the oxygen consumption in your body through a simple breathing tube. In just 15-25 minutes, our state-of-the-art Korr indirect calorimeter will reveal your individual resting metabolic rate (RMR). Why is this important? Because it’s the key to unlocking your body’s true performance potential.

With the data from our Personal Metabolic Assessment, you’ll gain invaluable insights into your energy expenditure. Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to tailored nutrition and training. Whether you’re aiming to get leaner, perform stronger and faster, or even bulk up, our assessment will pinpoint the precise caloric intake required for your goals. Includes a comprehensive analysis with our Director of Sports Nutrition.




Not your average weight loss challenge. For 30 days you’ll focus on nothing but gaining muscle through lifting heavy and fueling your body to build muscle. Ryan Turner RD, CSSD will provide guidance on eating for muscle gain and how to fuel properly before and after your lifting sessions. Participants receive two Inbody scans, one at the beginning of 30 days and one at the end.

Muscle Build Challenge’s are ran seasonally. Stay tuned for next challenge date coming soon. 


PRIORITIZED LIFESTYLE 3 MONTH BODY COMPOSITION PROGRAM (Inquire for pricing – payment plans available)

“Results in 6 weeks, a lifestyle in 12”


Putting in the work but not seeing the results? Feeling low energy more often than you wish? Found yourself in a cycle of binging with uncontrolled hunger and restricting to make up for it? This is for anyone looking to dive deep into their nutrition and lifestyle habits. Unapologetically focus on improving body composition while prioritizing training, performance, and health. Nutrition is highly individualized and goes beyond just calories and macros. This structured 12 week program involves private sessions, working 1:1 with your Dietitian along with self guided nutrition education to (re)develop beneficial eating and lifestyle habits that work for you. We’ll also connect you with like minded individuals with similar goals and challenges. The program shows you not only the objective side of your results and how to fuel your body for performance, but also helps you understand the deeper side of your habits and food choices to maintain them for life.

Included in the program:

  • 3 months of individualized nutrition guidance and accountability
  • Seven 30 minute private Zoom consultations with your Dietitian
  • Supplementary, self guided nutrition content to instill habits for life
  • Weekly, remote, group sessions for additional guidance and accountability
  • Private online community to connect with other like minded active individuals like you
  • Additional discounts and value throughout the program as your progress
Want to know if you’re a good fit for the 12 week program? Schedule a complimentary 15 minute discovery call to discuss your specific goals and accountability needs. SCHEDULE A CALL WITH YOUR DIETITIAN HERE.

Thorne Supplements Available

Enhance your performance on the Turf with a menu of Thorne Supplements available for purchase at Tone House or online at our Tone House dispensary.

Thorne Supplements are:


Questions on which supplements are right for you? Email to discuss your individual needs & which products would fit best.


Insurance disclaimer:

**Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) and Health Savings Accounts (HSA) may be used for nutrition services at Tone House under the direction of a Registered Dietitian. Please check with your employer for additional information.

**INSURANCE: Invoices (Super bills) are offered for Tone House Nutrition services to be submitted to insurance companies for possible reimbursement. We recommend calling your insurance company beforehand to confirm that nutrition counseling services by a Registered Dietitian can be covered partially or completely. Tone House does not guarantee coverage and it is up to the athlete to submit for reimbursement.


Tone House Registered Dietitian Ryan Turner

Ryan Turner of Food is Fuel NYC has a four-year degree and 1200+ hours of clinical practice at an accredited hospital in sports dietetics. He’s a former collegiate athlete, current marathon runner, and has completed 2000+ hours of nutrition-related work with collegiate and professional athletes – setting him apart from other RD’s as a Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics (CSSD). 

Ryan completed his education and training at New York University, clinical experience through Methodist Hospital and later, professionally, through Mount Sinai Medical Center. He spent three years working with NYU athletics as the university’s Sports Dietitian. He continues to work in private practice supporting not only athletes, but clients challenged with obesity, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and other chronic diseases. He is a member of the American Dietetic Association (AND), Sports, Cardiovascular and Wellness Nutrition practice group (SCAN), as well as the Collegiate and Professional Sports Dietetic Association (CPSDA). 

Ryan has a personalized, one-on-one approach to nutrition and can help you create a customized food suggestions designed around your unique fitness goals, plus optimize your performance in life. Send your nutrition questions or schedule your first consultation with Ryan at