Tone House



Teamwork makes the dream work.

Bring your team, clients or friends in for a private class at Tone House. A solid sweat on the Turf is the ideal way to build camaraderie. Our workout is high energy and team oriented; you will clap, you will cheer, and you will unleash your inner athlete.

We are able to customize the Tone House experience to specifically fit your group’s needs. In addition to the 60 minute workout that includes a complimentary towel, we have a variety of additional a la carte items that can be added to your event, including:

  • Client Lounge where you can mix and mingle. This is the ideal space to socialize pre and post class, show off a new product, bring in catering, hold a team meeting, bring in a speaker, etc. The Lounge includes a large television screen that connects to Apple TV
  • DJ Booth in the workout space and option for a live DJ
  • Instructor of choice
  • Cold tub to aid in recovery
  • Fully stocked locker rooms with Hawthorne bath & body products
  • Curated workout playlists
  • Personalized co-branded apparel*
  • Digital invites*
  • On-site event photography

* Availability based on advance booking timeline

We also create customized one time corporate challenges or ongoing wellness programs. Please inquire below.

Please complete the form below and we will be in touch within 48 hours!


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