Experience the 60-minute workout that’s fun, team-oriented, and challenges you to train like your favorite athlete. Your Rookie Pass includes two classes for the price of one. 

First time? Book a TH101 session: our intro workout designed specifically for those who are new to Tone House.



We believe that every individual has the capacity to be like the athletes they admire, and to train like them.

Tone House® is the first-ever extreme, athletic-based group fitness studio aimed at unleashing the inner athlete in everyone.  Sessions are team-oriented, competitive, fun, and supportive, guaranteeing optimal fitness results.

Whether you’re an elite athlete, or just want to train like one, Tone House’s goal is to bring sports conditioning workouts

to the mainstream and help individuals improve their mental and physical health and become better overall athletes.

Our TH 101 class offers a great introduction to our workout and movement training philosophy, as well as focused instruction and demonstration on proper technique and strong form that you can carry into any Tone House session. Plus, you’ll get the benefit of joining the team with a group of athletes who are new to The House as well.