Natalia grew up playing sports, namely soccer. She started playing soccer at the age of 6 and went on to play competitive travel club and varsity for all of high school. Engrained with an athlete’s mindset from a very young age, she is the youngest of four siblings who all also played soccer at a high level.

Natalia decided to take a break from athletics and pursued a B.A. in broadcast journalism at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. After a short stint writing for CNN, she moved to New York and pivoted careers into the fast-paced life of ad-tech sales. Many years later, she found herself in an unhealthy position both physically and mentally, so she sought to rewire her body and mind through nutrition and re-embracing fitness.

Natalia is fascinated by the human brain. She is a firm believer that our thoughts shape our reality and that a strong body starts with a strong mind. She’s a proud advocate for mental health and works to help silence the stigma related to mental illnesses.

Natalia found Tone House in early 2019 and has been positively hooked since day one. Feeling right at home in the sports conditioning atmosphere, she was a natural fit to officially join the coaching team. She’s ecstatic to be a part of the squad and ready to share her energy with all the athletes on the Turf.