Greg James

Head Coach

Born and raised in New York, NY, Greg could always be found playing many sports, but he eventually fell in love with martial arts and now holds a second degree black belt in Vee-Arnis Jujitsu. With over twenty years in the martial arts, Greg has trained in various disciplines such as boxing, BJJ, Muay Thai, American Kickboxing and Sport Karate and has competed on a national Karate team achieving several titles in fighting. Currently, Greg is an Amateur boxer using the Tone House Turf as his conditioning for fights to come. Off the Turf , Greg is an seasoned personal trainer and group fitness instructor and is also an event MC for Tough Mudder and a stuntman. With all the different fitness modalities, Greg is a firm believer in consistency and self importance, making his tag line while coaching or training to “Keep Moving Forward”.