Originally from Chicago, Joe grew up with a love for team sports from a young age, namely baseball. In college, while attending Indiana University, he captained a cycling team and competed in triathlons.  With a degree in finance, Joe pursued a career in healthcare sales where he spent several years in the field of Nuclear Medicine.  With a demanding travel schedule, Joe became obsessed with learning how to stay fit/healthy and energized away from home.  Leading Joe to obtain a certification as a personal trainer and health coach.


Deciding to follow his passions; Joe became a trainer and international model.  Joe has since worked with brands such as UnderArmour, Garmin, and Hanes; while also modeling internationally in Cape Town, South Africa.  As a trainer, Joe has also been featured in Men’s Fitness magazine.


Upon moving to New York, Joe quickly discovered Tone House and fell in love with the community and team atmosphere.
The vision of Tone House falls directly in line with his own philosophy and views on wellness. Your training should challenge you to push through mental/physical limits.  Much broader than that, however, this is about proactively taking care of your health so you can live your best life.


Current certifications held:
  • ACE Certified Personal Trainer
  • ACE Health Coach